I didn't head into 2015 with any resolutions for self betterment or life-changing goals. I didn't have benchmarks to achieve or places to go or people to meet. I had a job that I loved in a place that I was totally enamored by - a job that has shown me nearly 90,000 miles of road across Wyoming over the past 27 months. But for as much as I love this work, it takes a toll on personal time. It takes a toll on friendships and makes planning anything and forging strong relationships nearly impossible, which I've always found ironic considering relationships are the foundation of this work.

So I set out to make 2015 about finding focus. About thinking back on those 90,000 miles and all the places I'd been and the people I'd met along the way, and making a point to find time to love my friends and family and this gorgeous place I call home. When I started thinking about the pictures that meant the most to me from the past year, every single one was in my folder of work made off the clock. Every person in these pictures means the world to me and has had more of an impact on my life than I can get across with words. So thanks, all. Thanks for helping me find focus in 2015, a year with more personal loss than I care to think about, but more love and gain than I can even rightly express gratitude for.

Excited beyond belief for the new beginnings taking shape in 2016. Hope y'all come visit in Jackson.