2012 Holi Festival of Colors at Indiana University


This year marked my second time photographing Holi, and it’s by far my new favorite annual event. How could it not be? Here are some photos from last year:¬†http://www.ryandorgan.com/2011/03/25/holi-festival-of-colors-at-indiana-university/

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Holi Festival of Colors at Indiana University


I grew up Catholic, so let’s just say that being right in the middle of the colored powder and water bombardment that Hindus know as Holi made me really jealous. I’ve never had so much fun photographing something in my life, and this was a religious festival.

Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors, marks the turning of the seasons and is celebrated annually following¬†the final full moon of the month of Phalguna. “Holi is played with everyone, regardless of any status or gender. The colors equalize all. No one is higher or lower,” writes Anju Bhargava, Founder of Hindu American Seva Charities.

Students and members of the community celebrated a chilly 44-degree beginning of Spring in Dunn Meadow today with music, traditional Indian food, and of course, water balloons and ground up, dyed rose petals. My clothes are in the washer right now.


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